You know bullshit, ok? It’s not ok, it’s not ok to depressed. It’s not ok to be self conscious..ITS NOT OK TO NOT BE OK. You have this life, and I’ll be damned if you have it to be anything but happy. You have a choice, everyday, to see the good. To make the most out of what you do have, and do your best to give what you don’t need to someone who does. It’s up to us to make this world something more, something better and that’s the only way we are going I find the peace we so desperately long for. It’s not in sad poetry, it’s not in a razor blade, or a depressing repost from your favorite’s just not. It’s in you, me, all of us. We have the option to choose a better tomorrow. So stop making the excuses, stop finding reasons, to not get up, and go change the darkness that you’re feeling. Give a little love to a stranger, take a walk with no destination, take deep breaths, and be kind to one another…so that maybe this shitty masquerade of “it’s cool to be sad” will finally end, and we can get back to truly living. Just choose to be happy.